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Hydrovac Services

  • Hydro Excavating
  • Daylighting
  • Slot Trenching

Hydro Excavating/Daylighting

Mitigating the risk of damaging underground structures is one of the key advantages of Hydro Excavating/Daylighting. This process is a Non Destructive Digging method known to be the safest solution to expose underground utilities such as

telecommunication and electric cables, gas lines, water lines.

Additionally, it's a safe, environmentally-friendly process that can be budget-friendly since it can often be completed in less time with a smaller crew. It also allows for better precision than what's typically possible with digging

Slot Trenching

Slot trenching is a narrow or wide trench digging method commonly utilized for installing cables, posts, signs and utilities. Slot trenching provides accuracy and precision excavation using pressurized water. Advantages of hydrovac slot trenching over conventional excavation involve both safety and cost savings.


Hydrovac jobs are completed with greater accuracy and fewer problems while conventional excavation techniques involve excessive labor which may increase costs and create margin for error.

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